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This past year we had the opportunity to buy a set of steers from a customer. Part of the motivation for purchasing the cattle is that they were mostly AI sired with nearly half of them sired by our bulls Wulfs Eisenhower and CJSL Databank. Our goal was to take these calves all the way to harvest and get the data back post harvest. This group of steers were all from the same contemporary group of angus based cows with half of them sired by Angus bulls and the other half by Limousin sires. 100 % of the cattle graded choice or higher. While we expected the Limousin sired cattle to out gain and have bigger ribeye’s, we didn’t expect them to have a higher marbling score than their angus counterparts.

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“Finding bloodlines that are superior and propagating them from a seed stock perspective is something that will pass all the way through the chain. From the breeder to the commercial customers who buy the bulls, to the feedlots who purchase and feed the calves, all the way to the packer, everyone is going to benefit from more feed-efficient genetics.”

Curt Wieczorek, Wieczorek Limousin

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